Adhesive Felt Pads

Adhesive felt pads are indispensable for the jobs of anti-scratch, shock absorbing, anti-vibration, covering and as a spacer. Practical Way offers a wide assortment of felt pads, in various thicknesses, colours and quantities.

Adhesive Bumpers

Practical to use, easy to apply and furnished with an effective and long-lasting adhesive. Self-adhesive buffers are the ideal solution to avoid scratching surfaces, prevent objects from skidding or vibrating, cushioning the closing of doors and drawers and equalizing height differences.

The self-adhesive buffers by Practical Way guarantee prolonged and unaltered performance over time. They are available in transparent, white and black, round, square and rectangle.

Adhesive Felt Pads

Glides allow for silence, comfort and has the ability to cushion knocks. We can offer the most appropriate glide for every surface, from parquet flooring to tiles and from linoleum to carpeting.

Practical Way offers a wide range of glides for chair and table legs, available in various materials, colours and sizes. They allow you to find a lasting solution that is most appropriate to the needs of the environments at home, in the office and in public buildings.

Grip Strips

Practical Way has a assortment of self-adhesive grip material that comes in strips and is suitable for use on stairs and access ramps.
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