Q-Pack Container:

The innovative Q-Pack containers are designed for storage of small quantities of fasteners. Strong and durable Q-Pack containers can be used time and time again. The clear container ensures high product visibility while the colour coded lid assists the customer to locate the fasteners they require.

Colour coded lid
with hanging tab

Q-Pack Label:

Q-Pack labels are colour coded with bold print clearly stating the fastener type, size and quantity in order to assist the customer in locating the correct fastener.

Product type

Pricing code

Product size

Pack quantity

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Q-Pack - Multi-Pack

Fixing Instructions:

1. Place Multi-Rack against
mounting surface and
ensure it is level.
2. Clearly mark the holes to
be drilled.
3. Drill two 6mm dia. holes
with masonary bit.
4. Clean excess dust out of
holes and insert nylon wall
plug supplied.
5. Position Multi-Rack and
attach using screws

Q-Pack Multi-Pack:

Q-Pack Multi-Pack combines five Q-Packs containing popular sizes of fasteners suitable for a specific application in one pack. A Q-Pack Storage Hanger is also included with each Multi-Pack.

Chipboard Screws

Chipboard Screws

Jet-in Screws

Jet-in Screws

Drywall Screws

Aluminium Rivets

Wall Plugs & Nail-in Anchors

Self Tapping Screws

Pan Head

Flat Washers


Speak to us for more information about product availability

Chipboard Screws

Drywall Screws

Jet-in Screws

Wall Plugs

Nail-in Anchors

Sleeve Anchors

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