The heavy duty non-expansion anchor for all materials.
M-BOLTS unique triple fillet thread is designed to tap its own thread and provides a rapid, low torque installation with exceptional pull out resistance. This stress free, non-expansion through fixing is the solution for heavy duty anchoring and can be installed closer to edges, nearer together and at varying embedment depths.

Installation is quick and easy, making the M-BOLT ideal for general purpose fixing, even for temporary jobs as it is adjustable and removable.

The M-BOLT is suitable for use in concrete, brick, stone, concrete block, hollow brick and wood, replacing the need for traditional anchors such as through bolts, shield and sleeve anchors.

M-BOLTS are ideally suited for fixing wall angles, balustrades, frames, industrial machinery, brackets, racking, shelving, electrical trays, etc.


• Fast and easy to install
• Triple filet thread is designed to ensure a secure fixing.
• Fixes along the entire thread length to enable fixing into hollow block and brick.
• M-Bolt applies no tension to the base material, making it possible to reduce spacing's between fixings and edge distances.
• Silver Ruspert coating ensures high resistance to corrosion.
• Cost effective.
• Suitable for use in concrete, stone, brick , block and wood.
M-Bolt Bolt
M-Bolt Stud
M-Bolt Suspension Eye
Performance Perameters
Installation Paramenters


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