Safe Top Fastening systems have been developed specifically to provide an aesthetically pleasing, yet cost effective solution for long-life, maintenance-free cladding and roofing fasteners.

Unique and versitile, Safe Top ensures a secure fixing for all types of profile cladding and roof sheeting onto timber or steel purlins. Guaranteed durability and water-tight seal makes Safe Top ideally suited for use on domestic or industrial projects.


Safe Top fastening systems incorporate a range of fasteners to suit all applications.

Safe Top washer and clip-on action cap completely prevents water penetration and protects the fastener head from all forms of corrosion.

Safe Tops’ washers are manufactured from polyethelyene ensuring resistance to weathering, chemical and UV corrosion.

Safe Tops’ caps are available in a variety of colours to match all types of sheeting.

Safe Tops’ non reflective finish ensures an attractive appearance.

Tag ensures Safe Top washers and caps stay attached and facilitates easy fitting.

A choice of sealing washers for different applications prevents water penetration.

Safe Top fastening elements are available in a variety of coatings affording the highest degree of corrosion resistance.

Safe Top fastening systems incorporates a range of self-drilling fasteners for quick and cost effective installation of roof sheeting and cladding. Speed Drill for timber
purlins. Self Drill for steel purlins.



The Safe Top cap has been designed to maintain a completely water-tight seal on curved profiled sheeting (Corrugated iron and Big 6 profiles) and on flat profiled sheeting (IBR type profiled sheeting), even when extremes of temperature result in continuous movement of the roof sheeting and elongation of the fastening hole.

Safe Top Poly Fix Drive

The Safe Top Drive Screw provides a quick and economical roof fastener when fixing into timber purlins. The 3.55mm nail is able to penetrate the timber purlin without causing spliting, ensuring that every fixing is secure.

The ringshank angular thread provides exceptional resistance to wind lift (250km/h).

Available finishes:

- Carbon steel - Zinc plated and passivated.
- Extra corrosion protection - Class 3 coating.

Safe Top

Safe Top Speed Drill for
timber purlins:

The Safe Top Speed Drill is designed for use with cordless or electric screw drivers, the square recess drive system eliminates camout of the insert bit and provides stability during installation.

The Speed Drill type 17 drill point easily drills through roof sheeting and into timber purlins, reducing installation time by more than 50%. Speed Drill fasteners can be adjusted after installation, ensuring the fastener is not over-driven.

Available finishes:

- Carbon steel - Zinc plated and passivated.
- Extra corrosion protection (PJ1500 coating).

Safe Top Speed Drill

Safe Top Self-Drill for
timber or steel purlins:

The Safe Top Self-Drill roof fasteners combine the Safe Top Topspeed washer with high performance hexagon head self-drilling screws for fastening into steel or timber purlins.

Fast and economical Safe Top Self-Drill fasteners are ideally suited for industrial applications, providing a secure, leakproof and colour matched fixing.

Available finishes:

- Carbon steel - Zinc plated and passivated.
- Extra corrosion protection (class 3 coating).
- Stainless Steel

Safe Top Speed Drill

PJ 1500 corrosion resistant finish

Safe Top Colour Cap:

The Safe Top colour cap has been designed to be used in conjunction with a 19mm EPDM bonded washer.

The Safe Top colour cap is aesthetically pleasing and is an economical solution to colour matching roof fasteners to pre-coloured roof sheeting and cladding.

Colour matched Safe Tops are recommended for applications where aesthetic appearance is of particular importance or pre-coloured sheeting is used.

Safe Top Top Speed Washers

Supplied with washer

Safe Top Top Colour  Caps

For use with 19mm Bonded Washers
When specifying Safe Top fasteners; roofing and side cladding should be fixed in strict accordance with cladding manufacturers specifications using the appropriate type and length of fastening element.
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